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Selling technological goods/services in a crowded B2B environment is no easy feat especially when you take events off the table You’re dealing with a company’s discerning, key decision-makers with tight budgets, not to mention pressure from the powers-that-be: board members, department managers or even directors trying to negotiate the best possible deals, with a lot of information at their fingertips. This journecan be a challenging and lengthy undertaking and at the crux – it’s all about relationship building. It’s all about the long game. To survive, and thrive, it’s vital that you offer – not just value and quality products/services to clients – but also connection, community and a human touch.   

As professional conference organisers, we’re switched on to the powerful impact that face-to-face interactions can have on your business. From our 20+ years of experience working with technology clients all across the globe, including “tech titan”, Microsoft, we understand how creating meaningful, authentic and memorable connections, through live events, can help build solid business relationships and help you develop more of a bond between buyers and businesses.  

Sharing experiences at conferences and trade shows and having that touch/feel moment gives you a powerful sense of connection that’s tough to match in the virtual world. Events help humanise your brand – and allow you to show off that dazzling charm and personality! When the person you’re talking to isn’t in an onscreen grid of thumbnails, the interaction is just different. Creating time and space for small talk – and shop talk – can be the difference between simply meeting and genuinely connecting.

In-person meetings are essential to establishing a base level of trust and understanding. Pitching a new idea that requires a client to put their faith in you, a face-to-face meeting increases your chance of success.”

Events can help you: 

Tell your story

Despite B2B selling involving another business, you’ll inevitably be pitching to another human. Being together at an event gives you an opportunity to flex your storytelling muscles. People love stories and they’ll want to hear your why 

  • Why you’re passionate about the product/service 
  • Why your past customers purchased from you (and their success stories) 
  • Why you joined – or even established – the company  

Generate Real Time Insights   

An in-person event also gives your prospects – and current clients – an opportunity to have the floor. Develop a reputation for being a brand that really listens to customer feedback and pain-points, as it enables you to improve customer experience, maybe even unearthing insights that inspire new tech developments.  

Build Trust   

It’s easier to build trust with real humans rather than marketing emails, social media posts or a PPC ads. Designing your event around your delegate’s interests and needs, ensuring they have the best possible experience, is vital. A great event and even better conversations with your team will leave them feeling appreciated and valued as a customer. It also helps if they get to know/like your team because as the adage goes: people buy from people. And there’s always the ongoing support and client services they’ll need to receive alongside your technology solution. 

Integrity Business Development Manager, Frances Maurer, knows the importance of in person experiences: “Face to face meetings allow you to detect body language and non-verbal communication. In-person meetings are essential to establishing a base level of trust and understanding. Pitching a new idea that requires a client to put their faith in you, a face-to-face meeting increases your chance of success.” 

Empower your sales team 

Your sales team have been stuck behind a desk for the last two years. They need to be out there, expressing their opinions, using their charm and winning the hearts and minds of your customers.  Events give them the perfect platform to do that.  Create the perfect environment for your sales team to thrive and they will generate the leads you need to grow. 

Get the most out of your event, don’t forget to: 

  • Build your event marketing strategy  
  • Set SMART objectives 
  • Define KPIs and measurements 
  • Plan event engagement activities  
  • Pre book 1-1 meetings with prospects  
  • Create a post event marketing plan  
  • Follow up with connections quickly after the event  

Events build trust and trust builds profit. As events professionals, we have over 20 years’ experience in the corporate events industry partnering with technology brands like Microsoft and understand exactly what is needed to put together a truly memorable experience that gets you real results. We need have a sharp eye for detail, a penchant for plate-spinning and a granular understanding of the delegate journey, budgeting, venue negotiation and technical production. We produce slick experiences that shows you at your very best.  

Last year, independent marketing agency, Query Click enlisted our help. Having not been together face-to-face in eighteen months, we arranged an intimate client/team networking event at the stylish Eight Moorgate in Central London. Read all about it here.

Planning an exhibition, conference, board meeting, roadshow or something else? Let’s chat! 

Events build trust. Trust builds profits.