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Online meetings and conferences are an excellent way of adding value and driving engagement. They offer an effective, flexible way to share content, reach global attendees and manage costs. Planning a virtual event, requires the same amount of care and attention to detail as a live event. So, If you’re new to the world of virtual events or unsure if it’s right for you, here’s how we can help.

Share with a select few – or connect to many
Virtual event solutions are not just for smaller groups. Much bigger audiences now attend using many adapted facilities they would find at a live event – complex live multi stream sessions, with many of the same features they would expect to find at a live event including presentations slides, live speakers and with interactive Q&A sessions and networking.

The flexibility of the virtual world brings exciting possibilities

It’s easier to reach geographically spread-out audiences this way. One option is to run live events for those in similar time zones and offer others access on demand at a time that suits them.

If you choose to pre-record presentations to run as a series of bite-sized online sessions, divided by topic, over time. We can “meet” your presenter(s) to take care of the technicalities and to coach them through the process, or you can keep costs down by asking presenters to record themselves

Offer attendees affordable access

Running a virtual event opens up revenue-generating opportunities, as you can invite registered delegates to choose from differently-priced access levels. These could range from pay-per-session, multi-session packages to full access – or anything in between. All pricing and the use of discount or complimentary codes is entirely up to you.

Keep Talking: Online networking, direct messaging and Q&As

We know a huge attraction of conferences is the chance to network. We work with experts in this field to provide interactive platforms that make it easy for your delegates to connect with each other. Allocate session-specific rooms for discussions during/post broadcast, or run a general meeting chatroom for all attendees. Handle questions in real time or invite them over a few days, then run a follow-up Q&A session – or do both.

If you need to support staff or student learning, we can help. Perhaps you need to provide exam questions for CPD study after you’ve delivered educational content. Or want make sure that delegates have tuned in by asking them questions before, during and after each session.

Stand out with your own branded platform and content

Host the event on your own website or work with us to create a custom branded microsite to host content or use one of our market leading virtual event management technology programmes. All of these options allow you to keep sharing your message after the event ends by making branded presentations available via secure access or behind a pay wall.

Sponsorship and advertising

Virtual event content appeals hugely to sponsors, as it’s It offers an exclusive and focused marketplace (more focused than live events). Sponsors can expect a higher conversion rates due to ease of connections and power lead capture opportunities.

You can offer a range of sponsorship packages, from a solo session to the entire event microsite. And if your event is pay-to-access, the payment gateway offers rich virtual real estate to any sponsor.

Our online event services are designed to make the process cost-effective and easy-to-follow – and get the results you want.



The flexibility of online brings exciting



Our online event services are designed to make the process cost-effective and easy-to-follow – and get the results you want.

  • Participant/Speaker Liaison: Full technical briefings and round-the-clock support
  • Delegate Communication: We make sure everyone knows how to access your event
  • Online Programme: Comprehensive branded programmes with interactive options (such as voting)
  • Sponsor Prospectus: Offer a range of options to generate revenue from your industry partners
  • Online Exhibition: Let attendees connect with industry sponsors in a virtual exhibition area
  • Payment Options: For paid events, offer options to pay per session, multiple sessions or full access
  • On-demand Viewing: Support those who can’t tune in live
  • Password Protection: Segment your audiences for each session as you choose
  • Interactive Support: Q&As (live or timed), audience engagement, in-session voting, feedback questionnaire, social media management, virtual networking or speed dating
  • Viewer Analysis/Lead Capture: Analyse key insights from events including session attendance and engagement
  • Session Recordings: Branded as you choose
  • Pre-Event Testing: We can carry out as many dry runs as you need before the event