Case study

Zambon Pharmaceuticals

  • Clinical Investigator Meetings
  • 40 attendees
  • Sydney, Milan, Buenos Aires

We plan and run events for a range of pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Milan-based Zambon focuses its research in areas including Parkinson’s and respiratory disease.

The timing of clinical meetings needs to work hand-in-hand with the regulatory process. Once dates firm up, it can be tricky to match the availability of busy clinicians with good conference accommodation. Fortunately for Zambon and others, we’re virtuosos at evaluating hotels – wherever they are – and coming up with great options within a tight timescale.

We make sure the right people are in the room.

For important clinical trials, Zambon is keen to see strong representation from all involved hospitals. So, wearing our ‘politely determined’ hats, we followed up regularly to ensure each event was widely attended.

It’s crucial that Zambon’s investigators feel comfortable and able to absorb everything they need to know. We worked out the ideal room layout – cabaret style for easy-flow Q&A sessions – and tightly controlled the AV services so all things technical went without a hitch.


Event services

  • Teamwork:
    Liaison with client and CRO to optimise planning and attendance
  • Find:
    Great, welcoming hotels in each city on flexible cost-effective terms
  • Plan:
    Detailed planning, simple but effective AV, added value at every turn
  • Food:
    Low-key welcome drinks + dinner, tasty daytime catering, casual off-site dinner for client and CRO team
  • People:
    Save the date, proactive registration, flights/trains, transfers, 1-to-1 support, TLC
  • In charge of:
    Project updates, budgets, supplier payments, delegate expenses, reconciliation
  • On location:
    Full event management, welcome desk, delegate liaison – and more TLC


We always get personalised service. You know it’s an Integrity meeting, it’s a seamless experience for those attending. They’re experts at managing venues, so any problems just don’t get to us. Their service is second-to-none.

Dr Charlotte Keywood & Tessa Beecher-Jones