Case study

Microsoft AHQ

  • Leadership Team Meeting
  • 165 delegates
  • Westin Excelsior Hotel, Rome

While organising Microsoft’s 2019 Digital Success Academy (DSA), we were also invited to arrange their 2-day annual leadership team meeting (AHQ).

Flexibility was key here. As the AHQ took place straight after the summer break, many of these senior-level attendees were still on holiday during the run-up. And at the meeting’s close, each one needed a fuss-free relocation closer to the DSA at Rome Convention Centre.

Finding the right venue for a multi-session event in a city like Rome can be a challenge.

We like a challenge! Luckily our search unearthed the beautiful, well-located Westin Excelsior who worked closely with us to optimise meeting spaces and bedrooms.

A number of satellite meetings took place in the city centre at or near the Westin and the larger DSA event. With only days between people returning from holiday and the main meeting, we went flat out to ensure each meeting organiser felt confident everything would come together in time. And it did.

An evening event at Villa Miani

Event services

  • Teamwork:
    Super-close liaison on tight planning and hotel-commitment timelines
  • Find:
    Secured the Westin on the right flexible terms
  • Plan:
    Optimised space, site visit, detailed planning, incl. all associated satellite meetings
  • Food:
    Delicious Westin catering, stylish low-key evening at a stunning Rome hilltop villa
  • People:
    Save the date, proactive registration, flights/trains, transfers, 1-to-1 support, TLC
  • In charge of:
    Project updates, budgets, payments, cashflow, reconciliation
  • On location:
    Full event management, welcome desk service for senior level attendees


Integrity remained calm and in control when unplanned needs arose, were resourceful in their approach and dealt with complex changes without anyone knowing the pressure. Super to deal with – and they have the ability to scale up or down depending on the event, nothing is too big or small.

The historic beauty of the Westin Excelsior Hotel