A brand-new

We’re all excited about our new rebrand

Nope, we haven’t changed our hair. But we’ve changed EVERYTHING else. We’re thrilled to share our new brand – complete with sparkling fresh website – courtesy of a fruitful collaboration with Edinburgh creatives Melville & Young.

We’ve come a long way since 1998

integrity has notched up over 20 years in business – we wear it well – and seen every kind of change during that time. We began with a Paris pharma meeting for Searle and today you find us running world-class conferences and exhibitions. Along the way we’ve expanded our services and grown into respected experts in the events field.

Even over the last year or so our team’s almost doubled in size to meet growing demand. That team is a pretty close-knit bunch, and we love the diversity that new faces and resources bring to the mix. So what better time to invest in displaying our skills to the world?

Our brand-new brand

You’ll see the new Integrity logo, font and colours everywhere we appear. Our new website offers a sharp snapshot of our specialisms, and we’ll share thoughts and tips regularly on our blog and social media.

What might look like a simple brand refresh stems from a pretty detailed process. We shone the brightest possible spotlight into our company core to come up with a look that reflects who we are now – and where we’re going. Getting us all set to stand out in a crowded marketplace both locally AND globally.

What’s in it for you?

Of course, what matters most is how our strengths can showcase yours. For existing clients, it’s business as usual as we apply our trademark energy and professionalism to all your projects.


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