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Clinical meetings need different solutions at different times – live, hybrid and virtual.

Regular engagement is key to successful studies; there is no substitute for live networking and information exchange, which build commitment and success.

Busy clinicians have saved time through virtual meetings but have missed personal interaction with colleagues and peers. Virtual forums will suit for quick catchups, saving time and helping the environment by reducing travel, and optimising attendance.

The future is full of possibilities: a smaller advisory board or Investigator meeting may benefit from most being face to face with the option to use virtual for those farthest away. A global clinical trial can be regionalised to live hubs, broadcasting to each other, cutting down travel costs, time and environmental impact. The advantages of local and live sync’d with wider presentations and Q/A.

And as congresses return in hybrid format, so too can associated satellite activities and stand alone events.

Hybrid provides so much scope to reach a much bigger audience than was previously possible, combining live activities with a wider virtual audience. You can engage with an invited audience yet reach many more virtually through a hybrid satellite symposium at a congress, or at your own stand-alone event.

Introducing Integrity Clin-Connect

Our all-encompassing solutions for Pharma and Biotechs enable quick engagement to support you in whatever programme you have planned. Whatever the format required, we’ll take care of everything leaving you free to focus on your key priorities.

  • Fast engagement – immediate support
  • Dovetailed services fit to your process and team, proactively getting the audience in the room and/or online
  • Tight project management, and whatever Covid measures are required
  • Prudent cost control, optimal budget ROI

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Planning virtual or hybrid requires solid live event expertise and calm experienced hands on all things technical and platform. We have both! We’ve delivered successful events to Pharma and Biotechs since 1998. Our virtual scope has reached 3000, although we also excel at making 30 delegates feel very special!

If you would like exceptional service and interchangeable solutions that work without a glitch, we would love to talk to you!


You know it’s an Integrity meeting, it’s a seamless experience for those attending. They’re experts, so any problems just don’t get to us. Their service is second to none.


If you want to run a live event but not sure where to begin, we have partnered with trusted venues and suppliers to deliver live events, safely and smoothly.

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